Saturday, December 19, 2009


I went up to the mountain on the 10th and hand-delivered all of your checks for the lift, lessons, and rentals.  It felt great driving through Princeton for the first time since last season and seeing how much natural snow they got.  Our snow was pretty much washed away but they had plowed piles of snow in all of their driveways!  It was also good to see that things were really cleaned up from the ice storm that hit them in December of '08.  I remember driving through town as late as March and the devastation was still very real - those folks had a lot to clean up and they did a fantastic job.  As I turned the last corner heading into the parking lot, I saw a mountain covered in white, bright trail lights, and snow guns pumping out the white stuff.  It sure was a sight to see!  That was their opening day and people took advantage; the lot's were filled pretty decently considering how early in the year it was.  Anyway, back to the financials: I took another big check over to the bus company and got a first glance at the giant coach bus we'll be riding - good stuff!  Most of you are all paid up for those that still have the last $40.00 deposit to bring in, please do so ASAP this week so that I can have everything collected before break.  That's it for now, if you haven't already subscribed please do so (right side of the page) and you'll be sure not to miss a single update since this format is a lot more informative than e-mail.

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