Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Trip This Saturday!

We had an eventful last trip to Wachusett didn't we?  Luckily, the heavier rain showers had passed through earlier in the afternoon but once again, Mother Nature had a show in store for us.  There are a few places you do not want to be when lightning strikes in the distance and the top of a mountain is one of them!  Two thumbs up to the staff at Wachusett as they shut down the lifts immediately and waited it out long enough before starting back up again.  Unfortunately, once they had to stop a second time for a little while, it was time for us to go home.  A big thank you to the members of the Ski & Board Club as well.  I knew the fastest way to get word out that we were leaving a little early was through you guys calling and texting everyone and you didn't let me down.  Thank you!

Time to shift gears a little, we have a big trip this Saturday and while for some of you, it's another day at the mountain, others are excited to ski and ride for the first time on another mountain outside of Wachusett.  I spoke to the students before vacation and will reiterate 5 points here.

1. All rules that you signed at the start of the season are in effect.  This is a school function and while I don't anticipate any problems, you will be dealt with accordingly if there are any.
2. Helmets: You guys have been great.  Keep them on like everyone else and you'll stay safe.  Take them off and you sit in the lodge.  This is not the trip to sit in the lodge!
3. Ski Buddy: If you don't have a ski buddy for some reason, I need to know this before Friday.  Otherwise, stick together.  These trails split a lot more often so no taking off down the mountain without your buddy.  Stay within eyesight and you won't get lost/left alone.
4. The main lodge will have my cell phone number.  If something isn't right, go the main lodge and tell them you are with West Bridgewater.  They'll call me and I'll be there.
5. This isn't a bash toward Wachusett but it is the truth: the two black diamonds there are really much closer to blues.  If you just started skiing and riding blacks this year, you do not belong on the blacks at Bretton until you get plenty of blues in.  For a lot of you, that will be plenty of a challenge to satisfy you.  If you just started skiing or riding this year and were completely new to all this, you should be on greens first to see how that goes before proceeding.

Bretton Woods has a base of 5' right now and they've had 8 inches in the last 48 hours, it doesn't get much better than that!  All 102 trails are open right now.  In case you didn't know, Wachusett has 22 trails so that gives you an idea of the difference in variety.

The bus will be leaving school at 5:30 am, same lot as always.  I will be there at 5:00 and I am expecting everyone to show up by 5:15 so we can leave on time - you can sleep on the 3 hour ride.  Whether or not we see a movie on the way up will be up to you guys.  If you are someone that needs caffeine to function, according to their websites, the Dunks on Main Street and West Center both open at 5:00 am while the Dunks at the Shell Station and the Honeydew on West Center are 24 hours.  Please, please keep the bus clean!  We will be leaving the mountain at 4:00 pm so plan on being back on the bus by 3:45 sharp.  The runs are longer so don't try to squeeze one more in if you don't have time.  You'll probably be in the lodge wiped out by then anyway.  We will stop for a quick fast food dinner on the way home - probably within the first hour.  Once we're 20 minutes out, you'll call home for pick-up.

I think that's about it.  I know it's a long post but this will probably be the last one before we leave.  If I missed anything, please let me know.  Parents, if you have any questions or concerns, e-mail me anytime before Friday.  Students, e-mail is fine but I'm happy to address any concerns/questions if you just stop by the tv studio.  I hope you're all as excited about this trip as I am!

Finally, for an interactive trail map, click on this link: http://brettonwoods.com/flash/alpine_map_orig/alpine_trail_map.html

There you can click on the greens, blues and blacks to see which trails are where.  Someone told me that "2 Miles Long" (blue, all the way to the left) was awesome (thanks Ms. Nicolli).  I know a few of you have been to this mountain...so what are your favorites?
*If you're getting this via e-mail, you can click on the headline and respond through there.

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  1. Mr Cray
    Just wanted to thank u for running such an organized and fun club for my children tim and shannon.they loved every minute and r looking forward to bretton woods this wkd. Wbhs is very lucky to have thanks again
    Katy Gendron