Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week Two!

Hello all,

So we have found ourselves in the middle of a January thaw, completely opposite of last year of course.  Some schools have cancelled due to there being a little less snow but as of today there are 20 trails open and temps stayed low and should stay low tomorrow so that means more room for us.  Temps should be in the mid-30's with a slight possibility of a little snow later in the night!

Just a couple of things:

Remember to come to school tomorrow morning between 6:45 and 7:10 AM.  This allows us to get you and your equipment safely to the studio before the hallways get packed.  I'll have people helping once again and hopefully I won't run into any 6AM traffic jams.

I forgot to mention this in the past but everyone was really pretty good about it last week; save a dollar in your pocket so we can collect it afterwards for a tip for our driver.  They do a great job and we want to thank them for it.

Finally, please remember to adhere to the rules of the mountain, the lodge, and the WB handbook which include no swearing, no speeding on Ralph's Run and Conifer Connection (family trails), if you must stop on a trail, pull off to the side and finally, stay off closed trails.  Simple rules that are in place to keep you and everyone around you safe and having fun.

See you in the morning!

Oh, one last thing...we are leaving at normal time (2:05) next week during exam week.

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