Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ground Hog Says "Keep On Skiing"!

That's right, we've got 6 more weeks of winter if you believe in that sort of thing.  I'll buy into it just to say we have plenty of time left to hit the slopes.  Unfortunately, one thing we don't have much left are trips to Wachusett.  Only two left so lets make the most of them!

While last Friday was a cold one, we did have the mountain to ourselves.  There were hardly any lines at the lift and it was a lot easier to find a seat at the lodge.  The chaperons and I took notice of the breaks that the kids took to warm themselves up, nice job everyone.  I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on dealing with the extra cold last week so feel free to comment.

One last thing: the tip for the driver has been much better the past two weeks...the driver thanks you!

Oh, one more last thing!  How about a photo?

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