Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's all about the weather.

Well good old New England has given us skiers and riders a run for our money in the past week!  Quite a few students have approached me in the last two days questioning whether or not it'll be worth going this week.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Don't forget while we're getting weather in the 60's, the mountain is still in the 40's at the highest with even colder overnights.  It dropped down to the 30's again yesterday and we're in the 20's as of right now.  Snow showers ALL DAY tomorrow (Thursday) will give us some fresh powder.  Most important weather of course is on Friday and that's where the warning lies.
We are looking at very cold temps Friday at the mountain.  We're talking mid-teens when we get there feeling like single digits with the wind.  It looks like it could drop down to negative temps before we leave.  Layers, layers, layers!  Some ideas: an extra pair of socks, hand or foot warmers, maybe a scarf and break out the face mask if you have one and haven't used it yet.  Use common sense on the mountain and if you're really cold, particularly your toes and fingers, come into the lodge to warm up.  The chaperons will be double-checking on students to make sure no one is being stubborn about this.
The past three weeks have been awesome so let's continue to have fun and stay safe!

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