Monday, January 4, 2010

The Vote Is On!

So our nice roomy coach also comes with a DVD player.  Rather than myself picking out movies, I thought I'd give you guys a chance to vote on what you wanted to see.  Comment to this post with your top 3 movies and we'll go from there.  The movies MUST be PG13 and even at that if it's recommended for mature audiences, it's not forget about Anchorman.  Hope I haven't spoiled all of your fun; now let the voting begin!


  1. We should watch Hot Rod. Or I can do a tap dance routine in the aisle. Your choice..

  2. woo! hot rod it is! oh and also, what's the deal with dinner? Seeing as I'm eating lunch around 11 then won't be eating until i get home at 10. That doesn't sound fun

  3. Yep, Sean is bringing in Hot Rod since it did pass the appropriate boundaries and there were very little suggestions anyway. It'll be Harry Potter next week or whatever anyone else suggests. As far as food goes, I'll remind everyone that there is a cafeteria or you can bring your own dinner and stash it in the lodge or a locker.