Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, our first trip is in the books!  It was great to see everyone packing snowboards and skis onto the bus right after school while some of the bystanders were looking on in envy.  Conditions at the mountain were great as we had about two inches of fresh powder throughout the night.  Coming down the mountain while it's snowing feels more like a rain hitting you in the face but if you're covered, it's not a problem.  I watched our first time skiers and snowboarders take their first shot at learning how to stop and I have to say they all did an awesome job!  A big thanks to Mr. Rosso and Mrs. Daley for chaperoning and helping me make sure our kids stayed safe.  Kids, it's time for some feedback:

I know several of you purchased a park pass - how was it?  What was your best jump, rail, etc.?
Did anyone stop at the Waffle House?
Did anyone like/dislike the food in the caf?
I want to hear from the beginners.  What do you think about skiing/boarding now that you've tried it?
Bus ride?  Movie?
Anything need to be changed for next week?

The more feedback I get the better so if I need to make changes, I can.  Standby for the next post where I'll explain how to get some pictures up if you have them.


  1. Friday was my first time skiing and when I first started (at the lessons) I didn't really like it there were other little kids in my group who were wicked good and I wasn't. But after the lesson I went to a small snow bank and practiced going down tht and I really liked it!Now I cant wait for Friday!!!

  2. I thought the trip overall was great! I will definitely make a stop at the waffle house in the near future... The food the cafe was pretty good, but the table selection was sparse of course.

    One suggestion- making a sign at one table to reserve. Although you said we couldn't , many schools had one. Just a thought.
    Other than that, the bus ride was short and comfortable and all the trails were good!

  3. I'm glad to hear you both had a great time! Claudia, don't worry about those little kids, they fly down the mountain everywhere you have to watch out for them! Emily, I agree on the sign. We couldn't make one because we didn't have anyone staying at a table in the lodge but maybe we will this week. Get those markers and posterboards out!