Monday, December 20, 2010


Let it snow, let it snow!  If you've even glanced at anything weather related on tv or online, you already know that snow at one point was covering a good quarter of our country over the last couple of days.  This is great news for a select few but I think if you're reading this blog, you're either one of the few or your child is.  Locally, we're looking at snow showers all day today, tomorrow, and again possible on Sunday.  If you have plans to get some snow activities in over vacation, I think you'll be in great shape.

As far as Wachusett goes, they are going strong with their newly acquired snow makers when Mother Nature isn't providing the white stuff.  They have 17 trails open with only a half dozen left - two of which they are working on now and hoping to have open very shortly.  It is pretty cold right now: 19 degrees at 3pm!  Well that's enough of the snow report, let's get onto a things that everyone should know whether it's your first time to the mountain or you're a seasoned vet.

1. We are leaving for our first trip on Friday, January 7.  We leave PROMPTLY after school so save your wardrobe changes for the mountain.  We leave outside of the tv studio parking lot which is exactly where students are to be picked up when we get back.  Students that drive themselves to school: park in this parking lot since you get back after dark...don't forget!  Students are allowed to leave their books and school bags in the tv studio before we leave.  Don't forget anything in your locker - you will NOT be able to access the building outside the tv studio.  Parents, the students will call you when we are about 20 minutes or so from the school on the way back just as a heads-up.

2. Eat a good lunch and think about bringing a snack.  Bottled water isn't a bad idea either to keep yourself hydrated during the trip.  We will be supplying (complimentary) one bottle of water and one snack on the way up - I would still bring something for the trip back.  We're not back to school until around 10:00 so everyone should plan on eating dinner by bringing something to eat (don't leave it on the bus when we get to the mountain) or money for the food they sell at the lodge.  Food at the lodge is typical cafeteria food/price: pizza, chicken fingers, salad, burgers, etc...

3. Don't forget my two most important rules: ski with a buddy and wear a helmet.  No one should be on the trails alone.  Stay with a buddy or a group.  Find out who is at your skill level and have fun!  Wear your helmet.  If a chaperon or myself find you on the mountain without a helmet, you will sit in the lodge.  You don't want to be in the lodge and neither do I so protect that noggin.  There is NO warning for either of these rules and they are enforced at all times, every trip.

4. Last thing for today: the bus driver.  While a tip isn't mandatory, I think a little extra thank you goes a long way.  On the way up, if everyone throws in a buck, the driver should get a nice tip once we arrive safely home.  They work hard and have a lot of responsibility at the wheel so I think a buck isn't too much to ask.

That's it for now but I will be posting several more times before our first trip so I highly recommend that everyone  subscribes to this blog in the upper right portion of this page.  Talk to you soon!

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