Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 Ski Club!

It's hard to believe we are leaving for our first trip in less than two days!  There is a mandatory meeting with all club members tomorrow in the tv studio at EITHER 7:10AM or 2:05PM - take your pick.  Don't forget to check out the Facebook page: West Bridgewater High Ski & Ride Club.  In the meantime, here are some things you should know:

Students should be dropped off in the morning over by the tv studio parking lot; I'll be there by 7am.  All gear and bags will be stored in the studio safe and secure.  Please be on time for your first class, I will NOT be giving late passes.

We leave PROMPTLY after school so save your wardrobe changes for the mountain.  The busses will be across the street in the Sunnyside plaza across from the TV Studio parking lot.  Please wait for a chaperone to cross you so that you leave in large groups minimizing the stoppage on 106.  This is exactly where the busses will return later that night so parents can park in that lot for pick-up.  Please leave an open space for the busses to pull in.  Parents, the students will call you when we are about 20 minutes or so from the school on the way back just for a heads-up.

A few new things this year to help avoid crossing 106 late at night:
1. As I mentioned, pick-up at night will be across the street in the Sunnyside plaza, not in the school parking lot.  Parents, please park in that lot but leave room for the busses.

2. Because of this, all students will be bringing their school bags onto the bus with them and storing them in the overhead compartments.  This is so you don’t have to go back into the school later.

3.  Lastly, student drivers should park across the street in the morning!  Feel free to drop off your stuff but then get your car off to the side portion of the parking lot across the street.  Seniors can move their car after privileges if they go out.  There aren’t many of you so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Again I’m preventing any need to cross 106 at night so thank you for doing this.

4. There will be two busses this year (64 members strong).  9th and 11th graders on one bus, 10th and 12th graders on the other.  No exceptions!  This makes attendance much easier so we can spend our time heading up to the mountain.

Final tips:
Eat a good lunch and think about bringing a snack.  Bottled water isn't a bad idea either to keep yourself hydrated during the trip.  We will be supplying (complimentary) one bottle of water and one snack on the way up only.  We're not back to school until around 9:30/10:00 so everyone should plan on eating dinner by bringing something to eat (don't leave it on the bus when we get to the mountain) or money for the food they sell at the lodge.  Food at the lodge is typical cafeteria food/price: pizza, chicken fingers, salad, burgers, etc...

Don't forget my two most important rules: ski with a buddy and wear a helmet.  No one should be on the trails alone.  Stay with a buddy or a group.  Find out who is at your skill level and have fun!  Wear your helmet.  If a chaperon or myself find you on the mountain without a helmet, you will sit in the lodge.  You don't want to be in the lodge and neither do I so protect that noggin.  There is NO warning for either of these rules and they are enforced at all times, every trip.  I want you to have fun but staying safe is always my #1 priority.

Lastly, let’s take care of our bus drivers.  While a tip isn't mandatory, I think a little extra thank you goes a long way.  On the way up, if everyone throws in a buck, the driver should get a nice tip once we arrive safely home.  They work hard and have a lot of responsibility at the wheel so I think a buck isn't too much to ask.

That’s all I’ve got today!  At the meeting tomorrow, I'll reiterate this and I’ll talk about lessons and rentals as well as getting a terrain park pass ahead of time.  I’ll also keep new members for an extra 5 minutes in case you have any additional questions you’d like to ask me.  As always if any parent or student has a question, PLEASE ask anytime!

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