Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 3 - 1/2 Way There

Hard to believe we just finished up our 3rd week already!  The cold scared some schools away this week so we experienced nice short lines and outside of the park, really nice conditions.  The mountain has received some snow this year and the cold has allowed them to make it frequently.

Big thanks to the chaperones: Mrs. Longo, Mr. Rosow, Ms. Beaver, Mr. Smith, and Mr. McMurray.

Plenty of pictures this week:

Kelsey was playing camera shy.

Mr. McMurray looking all European.


Can she breathe?

Note the groomers behind them.

Trust me, he's having a good time.

Those are serious waffles.

Mr. Rosow and I needed some camera time.

Rabbit ears?

All she does is scowl.

So I decided to imitate her.

Talk about peer pressure!

The gang.

Siblings in the lodge.

Mrs. Longo is a trooper in the lodge.

Nice group picture but only a 3rd of our group!

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