Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Almost snow time!

So first things first, we do indeed have some snow on the way and it looks like it'll hit us right on time for our first trip.  At this point, it looks like snow showers and nothing that will accumulate until sometime on Saturday.  Of course it is New England and anything can change.  I'm in touch with the bus company and if the weather worsens by the time Friday comes around, we will cancel and make it up on the back end.  As it stands right now we're still on and everyone will be treated to some fresh powder!  Don't forget your goggles!

Time for some feedback from students.  We have the luxury of a dvd player on the bus so we'll watch a movie on the way up and finish it on the way back.  I'd like students to reply to this posting with a movie they'd like to see.  It has to be PG-13 or better and not for mature audiences.  Let the voting begin!

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