Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Eye On The Storm

Mother Nature is at it again!  The good news is the mountain received 8 inches of fresh powder on Tuesday.  The bad news is I'm going gray trying to follow all of these developing storms heading to the Northeast!  As I said last week, the mountain won't close so if it's safe to drive, we'll be there.  If driving conditions are not looking good (for either 2pm or 10pm), our trip will be canceled and we'll make it up on the back-end.  A decision has to be made by 11am Friday morning (mountain rule) so keep your fingers crossed!  Personally, I'm hoping for an inch or two so we can have some fresh snow on the mountain and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Just a couple of things to note this week:
1. Let's not get lazy on our tip for the bus driver.  While it isn't mandatory, I'm hoping for a dollar from each student and while week one was plentiful, week two was a little weaker.  I think a buck a student is very reasonable for the driver who is getting all of us there and back nice and safe.
2. Students, please make sure you keep track of your belongings.  I hate to sound like a nag but last week alone we dealt with a lost pair of gloves, a helmet left on the bus, and a jacket left at the lodge.

I hope everyone is having a great time so far!  It goes by fast so enjoy all of the time you have out in the fresh air.  As always, your feedback is more than welcome so if you have a comment or concern, feel free to let me know here or via e-mail.  Any suggestions for this weeks movie?

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