Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowflakes and Smiles

You can identify the kids that are skiers and boarders by the fact that their smiles are just a little wider than everyone else when it snows!  So Mother Nature has been good to us two weeks in a row now.  Having snowfall while we were at the mountain last week was a treat and I don't think I need to say anything about what conditions will be like this Friday (can you say 18 inches at the mountain today).

Speaking of last week, it seems as though everyone had a great time!  I heard a lot of stories from beginners and veterans alike and everyone was really excited to get up to the mountain again.  It was funny running into kids on Monday who told me they were wiped out all weekend - I'm sure the parents were happy about this!  The process went very well last week so we'll go about things the same way again this week.  Just a couple of things I'd like to note.

1. I didn't anticipate the number of student drivers we had in the club so the tv studio parking lot was too full for the bus to pull into.  We made a last minute change and had the bus park across the street.  With chaperon help, we had the kids cross in the crosswalk in bunches so as to not tie up 106 at an already busy time.  Let's do the same again moving forward.  Students, if you don't see a chaperon out there don't cross until you do please!

2. One of the first things I'll ask when we get back on the bus at the mountain is whether or not anyone has an injury or banged their head.  If you have something hurting, you need to let me or another chaperon know so I can let your parents know when we get back.  If you banged your head at all, I expect you tell someone - even if it doesn't hurt that much at the time.

3. Ralph's Run and Conifer Connection are designated as family trails.  This means slow skiing and riding or a staff member can pull your badge for the week.  They have zero tolerance for this so stay slow on these two trails.  I'll say more about the responsibility code in the next post since this one getting a little long.

If anyone has any comments (students or parents), please let me know.  Your feedback is crucial to running a fun, safe club so let me know about the good and if anything needs to be improved or changed, make the suggestion.  I'd like to know how lessons went, how the trails were, any good stories?  Don't forget to keep a dollar for the tip (nice job from most of you last week) and if anyone has a suggestion for this weeks movie, let me know (keep it clean).  Finally, if anyone has pictures or video, send them to me so I can post it here.  Don't be shy!

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