Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Less than 48 hours!

Last post before our first trip!  The storm coming down from Canada still looks like it won't bring much accumulation.  The eye is out on the water so while it may snow all day Friday, we aren't expected to get more than an inch.  Since the mountain is west of us, nothing worse happening there either.  One more quick reminder not to forget your goggles - a lot of people don't wear them for night skiing but you'll want them with the snow falling.  I know some people have extra equipment so if you might have a pair of goggles to let a ski-mate borrow, that would be awesome.

Now onto Friday.  Students should be dropped off in the morning over by the tv studio parking lot; I'll be there by 7am.  All gear and bags will be stored in the upstairs area in the studio safe and secure.  Please be on time for your first class, I will NOT be giving late passes.  All student drivers should be parked in the tv studio parking lot so you can jump right into your car when we get dropped off later that night.

At 2:05, get down to the studio, get your gear and get on the bus.  All gear goes under the bus but don't forget your book, iPod, sleeping mask, etc.  If you want to leave your school bag in the studio, you will be able to get it afterwards.

At the mountain the bus will drop us off and pick us up at the same spot.  THE BUS LEAVES THE AREA COMPLETELY SO DO NOT FORGET ANYTHING!!!  Students need to be back at the bus by 8:15.  Don't try to squeeze in an extra run and make sure you leave yourself enough time to return rentals.  If you're late, you'll sit out a portion of the next trip.

Anyone interested in the snow park?  Don't forget to bring an extra five bucks.  You'll pay for the 6-week pass inside ($5. for the whole 6 weeks) and you'll have to watch a quick video at the park before they allow you in.

Last but not least, don't forget dinner money if you're eating at the mountain and a whole dollar for the driver tip.  See you all soon!

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